Artist Showcase Project

Mural by Charquipunk and La Robot de Madera

LCG Media has developed a new format for working with writers. Our Artist Showcase is meant to give writers the freedom to work with us as well as other companies, whether or not they have a finished book. The purpose of the Artist Showcase is to curate a space for writers to develop, experiment, and diversify their work in a public format.

Just like we have entire pages dedicated to each of our books, we will provide a web page for writers free of charge, where they can make videos, publish complete and incomplete drafts of their work, make podcasts discussing their work, post fundraisers, images, playlists, and whatever else they’d like to do.

In making this space, LCG will assist in the following:

-Curating Spotify playlists with the author to accompany their works.

-Assist in producing, directing, and editing videos that bring the writer’s work to life.

-Dedicate an episode of our Spotify podcast, LCG Happy Hour, to the author and their projects.

-Posting videos of the author’s events, reviews, and interviews with media outlets.

-Actively advertising the author’s page on social media.

-Providing a platform for the author to raise money for projects.

-The author, if they have a complete book, play, or screenplay, wishes to publish with us, that is great, but they are not obligated to do so.

-LCG is curating a space, meaning the author has no binding agreement with us and can facilitate their projects with other companies, and can use us to showcase those projects.

-If the author makes money from work we do together, such as a video or getting a book deal from an editor we introduce them to, we ask for a 10% finder’s fee, just like an agent. Otherwise, we do not charge the author for anything.

-This service is open to any type of writer, and to visual artists who incorporate writing into their works.

-THIS SERVICE, HOWEVER, IS SELECTIVE. Writers must submit a proposal detailing their work, their mission, and what they wish to accomplish with the space. If we like your proposal, we will move forward with your page.

Submit your questions and/or proposal to