Puerto Rican Nocturne will make it’s world premiere March 13-29 in Colorado Springs as a production by Theatre d’Art.

A reimagining of the infamous Cerro Maravilla murders as told through the eyes of the cop who organized the killings of independence activists, and the mother of one of the victims, Puerto Rican Nocturne investigates the nature of power, the limits of ideology, and the search for autonomy and peace in a colonized society. Jon Marcantoni’s play is being presented in a bilingual edition meant to be consumed by readers and produced by theater companies worldwide.

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“I guess I’m more of a soberanista than independentista. But what you said at that memorial, it made me start to feel otherwise. That there will always be challenges. There will always be setbacks, but what about the struggles that exist now? If we can live with them, why can’t we live with new struggles, ones that are on our terms?” Maricarmen Act 1, Scene 3
Michael "Skillzilla" Ferguson - Pedro
“Not everything is logical, Adria. The world tries to act like everything in life makes sense, but the heart knows that we are wild, and don’t always understand why we feel the way we feel.” Pedro, Act 2, Scene 2


Angelo Mendez Soto - Cpt. Morales
“You’re indignant. I respect that. It means you are a true believer, and that is why I hired you. But…I think you have lost your perspective. The system always wins. ¿Comprendes? It will always win. That is why I am an estadista. It’s not because I love the Yankees more than my own people. It is because I am a realist.” Cpt. Morales, Act 2, Scene 3

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Below are videos inspired by Puerto Rican Nocturne. We have Jonathan Andujar of Theatre d’Art perform Gonzo’s monologue from Act 2, Scene 1. We also have Vanessa Diego’s interpretation of Adria from Act 2, Scene 4.